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  • Thoughts, Words, Writings about life, nature, creativity, self-realization, voice, metaphysical spirituality with art photography by Anna Surface.

Threads -Life Tapestry

Odd that about the threads woven within the fabric of the tapestry of our lives.

Odd that how the Universe conspires in its far reaching and near heart vibrations threading through and within a soul. We are so much more than we can utterly realize while in this body yet the body is a composite of the Universe itself. Nature teaches us that as well as how a babe is conceived and grows within the womb. As a child I could see dimensions and I had not consciously understood. Things were alive that were not supposed to be alive. My mother had brought in a realm that I had seen and experienced that normal children do not see. I had a terrible and terrific childhood. I had an abusive and spiritual childhood. There was both dark and light. I walked places, as a child, which even adults would have feared. All through adulthood I have had this inner struggle with knowing yet played the human role measured and marked by consensus. There is more to what we think and believe. As an aging adult, I wonder if I will truly let go and come into my Self. And this is why I began throwing out beliefs as I catch them whether ingrained from childhood conditioning or what I learned via metaphysics or spirituality.

Strengths and Weaknesses

I think that when you come into your strengths and weaknesses of yourself and forge forth in the river flow as yourself staying true to your inner rhythm, the Universe conspires in unfolding all the probabilities for you to choose from along with the karma for simply being alive in past, present, and future.

A story…

Long ago when I was fresh from graduating college and working as a substitute teacher, I received a call for an interview for a teaching position. This was at an inner city school, known as a Title 1 because the students were mostly on state assistance. I faced the principal in the interview with his steely blue eyes peering over half glasses at me. He had asked me to name one strength and one weakness as well as what I thought about them. I actually smiled at the principal and his eyebrows arched as he seriously studied me (felt like a specimen under a microscope).

I replied, “Tenacity.”

“Which one? Strength or weakness?” He asked.




“You’re hired. I’ll get the paperwork filled out. Congratulations.”

He smiled and we shook hands.

You see, he understood what I meant in that simple moment and reply. Our strengths are our weaknesses. Our weaknesses are our strengths.

If you were to see your ego as both your strength and weakness, how would you feel and how would you navigate from your center? If you were to see your ego as both your strength and weakness, how would you feel looking back into shaping what you desire now into the future? How would this serve you in who you are?


Let us suppose that the conspiring Universe is going up a notch or two as far as free will shaping because avatars are being birthed and released to now become gods. The joy stick is gone though you can tap into any dimension or creator god or source that you want for beliefs and/or inspired beyond imagination probabilities and directions in creating your life. Each person is now on their own totally as the long experiment is over and the new paradigm is through shaping and creativity. Looking back at so-called history, and all that has happened in myriad ways and dimensions, had been the experiment and opaque illusion that touched on What Is. What Is, though, cannot be defined or slotted or ruled—only shaped and evolved through creativity. What happens when you are truly on your own with total free will and power?

Let us say that sometime in the near future your deepest desires are truly shaping and manifesting for you in your life. You are making some joyful choices and getting what you desire. Look back, though. What are you choosing now concerning as you are looking back?

You see, everything I am expressing to you I am sharing with my own self as well. The choices I am making now does have merit into the shaping and manifesting in what I desire in near future. There are unknowns, of course. However, I am looking and seeing at my now. What I really do care to release and what I really do care to keep in the shaping and manifesting. In this living tapestry of what we call our lives, all the threads that were used to weave our fabric is important, both strengths and weaknesses. In this tapestry as it evolves, there will be threads woven in that only serve as threads that connect to other threads; however, I feel no thread will be plucked out. A thread may not be used again, no matter whether it was viewed as something that was weak or even wrong or not right now, it still becomes part of the tapestry and does serve the overall integral fabric of Self. For me, as I look back at my self and pathway, there are threads I will not use again but they do serve my overall unique tapestry (Viewing the whole instead of the parts).

I am finding my way to my mysterious me and being uniquely me in voice and presence in the evolving, creating, manifesting, and weaving threads from the past threads that gives me strength now.

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