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Winter Picket Fence

An abandoned stone one-room schoolhouse from the pioneer Kansas bygone days had been converted to a garden nursery store with the surrounding grounds planted with various trees and shrubs with old artifacts nestled in complete with a white picket fence. And then abandoned again as the dream died and the enterprising entrepreneurs moved on and far away. The landscape grew wild as nature took over surrounding the silent schoolhouse with stories untold.

Recently, a light snow coated the abandoned scene as yet another winter approaches. I shot a variety of photographs mainly interested more in taking up-close captures to give hints rather than the whole scene. This is something I am going to experiment more with for 2014—tighter up-close and macro photography and in different angles or perspectives. I seem to want to go more into the direction of the abstract. With this photo, the top image is a wider up-close view and the bottom tighter in. I digitally painted with oil and liquid ink on canvas.

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